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“Lisa Wilkerson was a true joy to work with from start to finish. There are a lot of great performers out there, but that doesn't make these people great teachers. Lisa is the exception. She took the planning phase of her workshop very seriously and worked well with everyone involved to create a smooth event. She had a great way of communicating with the 75 students and kept them inspired, energized and focused for the entire class. To top is off, she sang a song for the class and the observers that brought everyone to their feet.”
Rachel Bress and Ryan Saab
Founders and Co-owners - Stage Door Connections
New York, NY

“Lisa Wilkerson's vast talent, professionalism, and grounded, yet exciting energy inspired our students to reach new levels in the performing arts this summer. Lisa is an extraordinary performer, teacher, mentor, and friend to all of us here at On Broadway Performing Arts Training Program. She truly believes in the good of all things and knows how to execute excellence with grace and style under any circumstances. We can only hope she'll be back next summer to continue to influence the lives of our young people. Lisa, we thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with us this summer!”
Daniel Siford
Managing Director - On Broadway-PATP
New York, NY

“Big Thanks to Lisa Wilkerson who is teaching this morning at Peridance. [She is a] beautiful dancer and teacher and Dance Captain for The Gershwin's Porgy and Bess.” -- May 24, 2012
Ronald K. Brown
Founder & Artistic Director-Evidence: A Dance Company
New York, NY

“Working with Lisa is an absolute joy. She has the amazing ability to connect with every single student in the room. Lisa's excitement for teaching is infections and makes students want to work to their fullest potential. I am continually impressed by her energy and spirit. I feel so lucky to have her teaching at Broadway Workshop.”
Marc Tumminelli
Owner - Broadway Workshop
New York, NY

“We at K-CAP, based at Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre, in Kwa-Mashu, Durban, were so honoured to have Lisa facilitating exceptional workshops with youth and up-and-coming performing artists. Lisa was invited to run workshops and share her international expertise with our artists as part of our annual event – Ishashalazi Women Theatre Festival in 2010. Even to this day, the artists can’t stop talking about her expertise, enthusiasm and professionalism in doing her work.”
Edmund Mhlongo
Founder and Artistic Director - K-CAP
Durban, South Africa

“Thank you so much for all you did for Preston College and our students. You really made their time here special.”
Ann, Jane, Andrew, Frank & 23 students
Anne Markland, Preston College
Preston, Lancashire, England

“It has been a great pleasure to have Lisa in our afterschool program. Several years ago, when Lisa first came to Caedmon, she took the place of a successful and popular instructor from our Broadway Workshop class. Without missing a beat, Lisa jumped in and led the students in choreographing an original piece from a Broadway show. After several weeks of training, the students then performed it for a live audience at the end of the term.

Lisa has continued to provide outstanding instruction in a variety of settings at our school. In addition to using her professional abilities in dance, singing and acting, Lisa has demonstrated great patience and understanding with young children. She eases their anxieties with creative and rewarding exercises and games. This enables the children to find their voices in a fun and supportive manner. She does this while maintaining high expectations. In short, Lisa is both firm and gentle, necessary qualities in teaching excellence.

Lisa has greatly enriched our afterschool program. I look forward to her continued involvement and dedication to our students.”
Andrew Kagan
Director of Afterschool
The Caedmon School
New York, NY

“You have helped open the way for miracles to happen. We thank you and we love you...You were a delight to work with and I loved watching you with the students. I know you will be a wonderful success in every facet of your life.”
Mary Schuman
University City Municipal Commission on Arts & Letters
St. Louis, MO

Lisa will be a teaching artist at the first annual OnBroadway Performing Arts Training Program, a three-week, conservatory-style summer camp for budding young artists. This education and mentoring program's goals are to teach students the principles of the performing arts and help them discover truth and meaning in what they do.

Broadway Choreography Series
Sparked by the widespread devastation from Hurricane Sandy and the subsequent nor’easter, and named in honor of the 111 homes destroyed by an enormous blaze in Breezy Point, Queens, during the hurricane, Lisa and a close friend created an effort called Drive 111 to collect 111 Items of Warmth (primarily coats and blankets) in four days. With the huge support of New York's theater actors’ community, they surpassed their goal, and donated the collected items to the Cooperative Activity Center in Breezy Point, Queens.
Actors' Equity Association

Actors’ Equity Association requested I write a story about the warmth drive and published it on its website here:

Broadway Choreography Series
Lisa will be periodically teaching masterclasses at Broadway Dance Center as a part of their Broadway Choreography Series. The class will cover choreography from the critically acclaimed Broadway revival The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess.

Peridance Capezio Center
Catch Lisa periodically teaching for the legendary Ronald K. Brown at Peridance on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10 am. Check back here for updates!

Broadway In South Africa
Lisa is a co-founder of Broadway in South Africa, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to create cross-cultural exchange between youth in need and artists who seek to use their talents for change. From 2008 to 2011, Lisa served as Communications Director and dance teacher, and was highly instrumental in developing the organization's curriculum, whose purpose is to help instill and build life skills in its students through acting, singing, playwriting, dance, creative expression and leadership classes. Through BSA, Lisa has taught and worked with nearly 1,000 youth and young adults who live in townships outside of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.
Lisa Nicole Wilkerson Broadway in South AfricaLisa Nicole Wilkerson Broadway in South AfricaLisa Nicole Wilkerson Broadway in South AfricaLisa Nicole Wilkerson Broadway in South AfricaLisa Nicole Wilkerson Broadway in South AfricaLisa Nicole Wilkerson Broadway in South AfricaLisa Nicole Wilkerson Broadway in South AfricaLisa Nicole Wilkerson Broadway in South AfricaLisa Nicole Wilkerson Broadway in South AfricaLisa Nicole Wilkerson Broadway in South AfricaLisa Nicole Wilkerson Broadway in South AfricaLisa Nicole Wilkerson Broadway in South AfricaLisa Nicole Wilkerson Broadway in South AfricaLisa Nicole Wilkerson Broadway in South AfricaLisa Nicole Wilkerson Broadway in South Africa

Broadway In South Africa
Ekhaya MultiArts Centre (formerly KwaMashu Community Advancement Projects or KCAP) is an organization whose purpose is to empower disadvantaged youth and young adults with various integrated arts and multimedia skills, to help increase their practical knowledge of the arts and career opportunities, as talent and behind-the-scenes professionals. One of Ekhaya’s many projects is its annual Ishashalazi Women’s Theatre Festival, which is aimed at uplifting female director’s voices in the theatre and writing industries. This festival unearths talent through workshops and prized competitions that help young female directors and actors gain exposure and training. The workshops are taught by industry professionals from South Africa and abroad. Lisa taught her first workshop in 2010, and will return in 2012.
Ebony / Life
August 20, 2010

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